Convenient shopping for young and old

Balfour Park Shopping Centre is home to a variety of retail outlets and is the epitome of convenient shopping! Perfectly located in Balfour Road, Vincent the Centre boasts ample parking and easy access. The Shopping Centre caters for both young and old in terms of its product offerings as well as its functional design.

Balfour Park is anchored by Checkers and Food Lover’s Market with a further 27 shops spread over two areas, offering a mixed range of tenants, from designer fashion to food, toys and technology.

Banking needs are also satisfied through ATM’s from all major leading banks. Security is monitored by cameras throughout the Centre, supported by a security team.


Balfour Park Shopping Centre forms part of JH Group which has an ever-expanding property portfolio of retail, commercial, and industry property.

Some of JH Group’s national tenants include: Checkers, Superspar, BUCO, Food Lover’s Market, PEP Stores, Mambo’s Plastic Warehouse, Gelmar, Nando’s, Debonairs, Steers, Panarottis, Spur, Cashbuild, Bradlows, Liberty Life, Rage, Cosmetic Connection, OK Furniture, Nedbank, and Boxer Superstores.